About me

Hi, my name is Feitosa and I’m 31 years old, married and became father recently. Being father for the first time makes me really happy and in fact I became a freelancer in full time thinking in this moment.

I work with flat design and animations, and frankly, I love my job.

I´m a very committed professional in every project, regardless of the client or the budget size, all of them are extremely important to me… After all, my works are bringing me more clients and most importantly they pay my bills :p hahaha...

Although I’m based in Fortaleza, Brazil, I work for foreign countries around the globe. I firmly believe that I’ve achieved this exclusively through the grace of God in my life, He gave me wisdom and placed the right people in my path.

The "Fantastic Blue World" idea came up because of my tendency to use the color blue in my works and my friends kept teasing me with “all your projects are blue”, though it’s not my fault if the project’s palette is blue, my most important goal is to make the client happy. hahaha...




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Or send me an email directly - feitosainmotion@gmail.com

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